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Are you a member of Generation Y?  Are you also a millennial who despite feeling young and invincible has been diagnosed with a medical condition or disease? Maybe you are a friend of one or even know a family member who is facing this challenge. It’s not easy. Most people, doctors included, often assume that those of us in our 20’s and 30’s are healthy. But, in reality millennials often face the same health challenges at a much younger age and with a different twist. These health problems come at a time when we are in the process of completing our education, building our careers and starting our families.  When they do, millennials need a place to turn to that provides health information in a way that is tailored toward the unique challenges we face and in a way that fits in with our on the go lifestyles.

Fortunately, YMyHealth is here to help!

YMyHealth is a digital health resource created for and dedicated to Generation Y. We offer episode packages of videos on different medical conditions and diseases that affect our generation. We showcase patient stories to learn about what our fellow millennials have faced and how they have overcome those challenges. We do Q and A sessions with knowledgeable physicians to talk about what matters to us most. We even get to hear the advice and experience from patients’ friends and loved ones. Finally, we have super cool 3-D medical animations that cover the core knowledge about a medical condition­­­—anatomy, normal function, signs and symptoms of disease, diagnosis and treatment. All of these videos are less than five minutes long and accessible by computer, iPhone and iPad anytime, including long after we have walked out of the doctor’s office (when questions often start to come up).

WHY don’t you join us?

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