Sugar High: Breaking Down the Facts about Type 1 Diabetes

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By: Melissa Schenkman, MPH, MSJ

Every day 23.1 million people over the age of 18 inject themselves with insulin and count their carbohydrates before eating because they are living with type 1 diabetes. Many of them are millennials. They are in our college classes, are our colleagues at the office, and are working out beside us at the gym.  And many times we don’t even know it.

But type 1 diabetes affects some of the things millennials enjoy doing most and that are central to many of our social lives, like eating out and exercising. With an extra step or two though, our fellow millennials with type 1 diabetes can still join us in doing any activity.

Throughout November, YMyHealth will be showing its support for Diabetes Awareness Month. We will be showcasing our video episode to educate millennials, their friends, and families about what type 1 diabetes is all about and answer practical questions about how to manage it while living a millennial lifestyle.

Our video collection includes the story of a millennial originally diagnosed at age 17, her friends from high school and college giving their advice on how to support a friend with type 1 diabetes, a pediatric endocrinologist who tackles the subject of socially drinking alcohol while having this condition, and many more. We’ll also be engaging on social media with the hashtag #DiabetesAwarenessMonth.

Share your personal stories of life with diabetes with us @YMyHealth and follow the conversation on social media.  

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