YMyHealth’s Founder, Melissa Schenkman, Featured on The Millennial Nutritionist Podcast Episode 18: How to be Proactive About Your Health – Finding Reliable Info, Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease, and More!

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While The Millennial Nutritionist focuses on sustainable nutrition and exercise habits for millennials to lose weight to combat preventable health issues, there are SO many more ways to take control of your health. In this podcast episode, Melissa Schenkman, the Founder of YMyHealth, shares all the possible health issues millennials are facing to help them be more proactive and feel less alone in the health challenges they or their friends are currently facing.

Some key takeaways she shares on taking control of your health as a millennial (ages 24-41):

  • A lot of conditions we associate with age, like heart disease and cancer, can actually affect people at younger ages. You don’t need to be scared of these, but it’s important to know the symptoms so you can advocate for yourself if you’re experiencing them. It’s much better to be proactive!
  • Some factors that might be causing a rise in certain health conditions like colorectal cancer in millennials, are living a sedentary lifestyle, decreased fiber intake, and an increase in consuming processed foods.
  • There is so much misinformation and anecdotal evidence on social media that it can drown out peer-reviewed, science-backed information on health. Do your best to make decisions based on information backed by credible sources. Check out these reputable resources that she recommends:
  1. Mayo Clinic
  2. Cleveland Clinic
  3. PubMed
  4. American Cancer Society
  5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  6. National Institutes of Health

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