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The Flu Shot Top Five: What Millennials Should Know for 2021 and 2022

By: Melissa Schenkman, MPH, MSJ Timing is everything in life. But luckily when it comes to getting the flu shot we have a lot of options, and like most things in a millennial’s daily schedule, it’s more a matter of making the time to go your clinic or local pharmacy, than it is picking the

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Gambling with the Flu: What Millennials Should Consider Before Rolling the Dice on Flu Shots

By: Melissa Schenkman, MPH, MSJ The signs were all there, but I just couldn’t see them. A little more tired than normal, I still went out for my daily run.  After, I developed a low-grade fever. A few short hours later, I had a sore throat, cough, and a stuffy nose. By the time the

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