Flu Season

2021-2022 Flu Season: What Millennials Need to Know

By: Melissa Schenkman, MPH, MSJ What packs a healthy punch and can be found at every grocery store in the fall? Your first thought might be pumpkin and its close relative pumpkin spice, but what I’m talking about is what will enable you to stay well and enjoy your fall, including all of your favorite

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Taking Our Shot: Why Showing Up to Get the Flu Shot this Season Could Make Millennials the Heroines of the Coronavirus Pandemic Story

By: Melissa Schenkman MPH, MSJ Let’s be honest; none of us like bad press. But throughout the coronavirus pandemic millennials have received lots of it. Now, we have a real opportunity to turn scenes of large gatherings with little social distancing and little mask wearing into something positive, as we begin this flu season. And,

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Flu Shots and COVID-19: What Millennials Need to Know This Winter

By: Melissa Schenkman, MPH, MSJ What concerns you more? The flu or COVID-19? For many millennials, it’s both.   More often than not, millennials are finding themselves taken by surprise that they have COVID-19 after having symptoms and trying to figure out how to determine which virus, if any, they actually have. I personally know

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