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Are you a member of Generation Y?  

Then you are part of today’s largest living generation with a population totaling 92 million. You are enjoying unprecedented opportunities and access to important information relevant to your lifestyle.

Would it surprise you to learn that millennials may be substantially less healthy as they age – those aged 34 to 36 in 2017 were 11 percent less healthy than Gen Xers aged 34 to 36 in 2014? (Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, The Health of Millennials, 2019)

When compared to the national population, millennials are more affected by behavioral health conditions than physical ones, with the highest increases shown in rates of major depression and hyperactivity.

YMyHealth is here to help you make informed decisions about YOUR HEALTH.

Our site is designed “for millennials and by millennials,” meaning that all content is written and produced by a millennial and includes experts from relevant fields who also are millennials themselves.

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