Four Ways Millennials Can Keep Their Energy Levels Up When Going Back to the Office

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By: Melissa Schenkman, MPH, MSJ

The story below is a part of YMyHealth’s Making a Healthy Office Comeback series. As more millennials return to the office or transition to hybrid work schedules in 2021 and 2022, we will be highlighting the concerns and health challenges Generation Y tells us they are facing and feature advice from millennial experts on how to maintain your healthy habits.

If you were to ask anyone in their 20s, 30s, or early 40s, what they wish they had more of each day, the first answer would likely be more time and a close second, would be more energy. 

The on-the-go life of being a millennial—balancing work, relationships, caregiving, our own time to exercise, and household responsibilities—can be exhausting. No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken this to another level, putting us in a position where we have to balance these things simultaneously at home. Zoom fatigue was just the start. 

Brittany Noelle is a certified personal trainer and ACE Health Coach who trains many women who range in age from their mid-20s to early 40s. She holds a BS in Physiological Science from UCLA where she competed in the 100m and 200m as a Track & Field Athlete.

This fall, for many of us, will signify a return to the workplace and in-person schooling for our children. One concern: After working remotely, how will we sustain the energy required for commutes, running the kids to activities, and more frequent social interactions and gatherings, all in the setting of COVID-19 precautions? 

Southern California fitness trainer, Brittany Noelle, has a few thoughts. At 32 years old, her day requires a lot of energy as she coaches and trains fellow millennials to maintain their health and fitness in the face of competing priorities.

After almost a decade of personal training experience with six years as a Tier 3+ trainer and Master Instructor at the elite gym, Equinox, Noelle shares her rules of the road for preventing your energy from being zapped back at the office.

Get Ready For A Lot More Planning

It’s going to require more planning to get movement in before you leave in the morning, but it’s very helpful in keeping energy levels high. Before you get in the car, you should incorporate time in your morning routine to include a 15-minute workout or movement of any form. The energy pump and natural endorphins that you get will benefit you the rest of the day.

Nutrition is key

Set yourself up for success when it comes to the foods and beverages that you choose to provide yourself with when looking for energy. 

When we start commuting again, we will want to grab that bigger coffee while driving or to start reaching for sugary beverages and sodas to get that quick sugar and caffeine. It’s also very easy when you are working at your desk to grab sugary snacks just to try to keep yourself awake and energized. It’s this mindless habit we get into.

Don’t! Instead, choose a beverage like a ginseng tea or something else that will provide you with healthy nutrients along with that energy boost. Pack your lunch and bring it along with healthier snacks to the office, so you are not reaching for snacks in your building’s vending machine or from nearby eateries.

Walk and see the sun

Make sure you take the time to walk around more to get an energy boost. Try to go outside and see the sun if you can, even if just on your lunch break, to get that natural energy from the sun.

Have a nighttime routine

Noelle has found that sleep is something people overlook a lot in terms of recovery and helping your body to adjust. She recommends having a nighttime routine, so you train your body to wind down. It will allow you to not only get the right amount of sleep, but also good quality sleep. So, on the nights before work days where you will be in the office, take time to prepare your meals and snacks, and plan what your morning and evening routines will look like. 

For more ideas on how to maintain healthy habits when you return to the workplace, check out our Making a Healthy Work Comeback page.

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